Community Management. It's What I Do

Community management is the new frontier of online marketing. There is no company or business operating through the internet -- or even face-to-face with customers -- that doesn't benefit from finding, growing and engaging with the communities that are essential to their business. But this is a new and fluid field of marketing, which demands more than a little imagination to get your head around. Where a social media manager finds you new followers, customers and members, a community manager keeps your existing ones engaged with your brand, keeps them happy, and gives them reason to become aggressively loyal. Community management is the cornerstone of growth and the foundation your company's future is built upon.

Dynamic Dialogue

Community management is all about connecting you to your market, your audience, your customers and your business. But it's also about giving those people a voice within your company. A community manager is the essential conduit that facilitates this dynamic dialogue.

Content That Connects

Creating regular, engaging content is how products, services and ideas reach the right people. Community management tells your stories and shares your core beliefs through through the creation of great content, and that's what connects you to the people who want to do business with you.

Insights & Ambassadors

As your community grows, it's the community manager that collects and analyses the data and metrics, and then, most importantly, puts them into context for you. From there we can locate the ambassadors who are the backbone of your brand, and where community engagement really begins.

My Story

My Story

Firstly, yes. Spanner is my real name. It's a long, but regrettably uninteresting story. But when I moved from electronics engineering and into professional content creation, technical writing, narrative design and, ultimately, the golden shores of community management, it's been no bad thing having a memorable name. I've worked in a multitude of community management roles over the last 10 years, primarily in the computer and video game, technology, and consumer and lifestyle electronics sectors, in freelance, contract and full-time positions.


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