Using the SCARF Model to Strengthen Your Community

OpenSource takes an excellent look at the SCARF model by Dr David Rock in this excellent piece, and breaks down each of its components into some great examples.

What’s the SCARF model? Excellent question. These are the posychological components each member must experience to feel a sense of healthy community:






There are some excellent insights, including the introduction to Rock’s philosophy that pays attention to the importance of putting metrics into context. This is something I feel very strongly about, especially as it’s very easy to get caught up in all the numbers community management brings with it, and overlook how they actually relate to your company and your community members.

“If you want to build engaging communities, don’t try to model people in spreadsheets; rarely does it work well.

“The crux here is that people are not rational creatures. Instead we are tremendously irrational, albeit in predictable ways. This predictable irrationality is the study of behavioral economics, a strain of psychology that identifies consistent human behavioral patterns.”

Check out the full article here.