Gamification for the Workplace

Honestly, gamification isn’t a word I particularly like. Not because of its meaning, but simply because of the tongue gymnastics it seem to require to say.

Regardless, it’s a concept that every company needs to embrace, and not just for your customers and communities.

Gamifying Your Workplace

HuffPo just posted an excellent introductory piece to what gamification is, and how you can use it to engage with your internal community; that being your workforce.

We’ve seen the effectiveness of external gamification over at element14, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a community manager who hasn’t seen the benefits of a good gamification program.

“Gamification is applying elements of gaming (for example, competition, point scoring, and rules) to motivate and engage,” explains¬†Liesha Petrovich. “Creating an engaging environment may seem simple or even childish. However, applying game mechanics to mundane tasks can actually improve your bottom line. It can make the workplace more exciting and interesting.”

There’s no one-size-fits-all, so you’ll need to do a little research on the subject that fits your workforce the best. But the message is what’s important here, and Petrovich delivers it expertly.

Don’t look at gamification as a way to help people waste time, or purely for fun, or a frivolous expense you can’t justify. Indeed, the time is coming soon when you won’t be able to acquire or retain staff if you don’t have a solid gamification program, so get your community manager on the task. It’s good for the company, and also happens to be good for your employees.

Everyone wins at this game.