Get Your Community Insights From a One-Click Email Survey

Emails, newsletters and surveys are all well established tools for gaining direct insights from your community members, right? We all use ’em, and we probably couldn’t live without ’em.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about a refinement — or maybe minimalisation would be a better word (if it existed) — of these concepts, in the shape of one-click surveys. So what are they?

What Are One-Click Email Surveys?

Okay, it’s pretty obvious what they are. This is not an ambiguous name.

But for the sake of pedantry: It’s a regular digital survey, except there’s only one questions being asked, and people only provide one answer. And they do it with a single click.

Not much insight from such narrow data points, so why bother? Because the click-through rate is pretty epic in comparison to similar campaigns. Expect closer to a 20% response rate, rather than the usual 5% or less.

“Remember that users value their time, and while they may like to let you know what they think of your company and how you’re doing, they may simply not have the time,” Chris Cardinal advises when recommending the adoption of a one-click survey over a multiple question option.

It’s also an interesting and worthwhile challenge, forcing yourself to refine your call-to-action into a single, multiple choice question. Finding exactly the right question to ask is hard, but making yourself think honest and hard about which insight is the most important to you is a great exercise.

How to Create a One-Click Survey

These don’t have to be delivered via email, but that is probably your strongest option. There’s no login requirement, and clicking the link is all that’s needed to record their response. There’s no harm in sending them to a “Thanks for letting us know” page, which might even include an option (but never a requirement) to provide more information.

It’s also pretty simple to set up, as Jarrod Drysdale demonstrates, so you don’t need any special tools or services to put a one-click survey into action. That being said, there are some great options out there if you did want to go pro.

Here are a few handy tips for refining your one-click surveys:

  • Make it super simple for people to use.
  • Keep your email and messaging ultra-short. It should be all about the question you’re asking.
  • Let people know why you’re asking, and why their input will improve their experience on your site, with your products, or through your brand.
  • Make sure you define what it is you’re hoping to get out of it. This’ll help craft your question.
  • Say thanks.